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We harvest 50-60 whitetail deer scoring from 170-240 B&C every year, thanks to our unbelievable whitetail genetics and our year round protein feeding program. 

You will see at least 15-25 bucks every day of your hunt, and we guarantee you a shot at the class of whitetail hunt you book

Our whitetail hunts are fully guided, 2-3 day hunts, and include lodging, a free hog, turkey, or javelina hunt, plus unlimited bobcat and coyote hunting. 

We are deer hunting till February 28, 2014 - USE OUR TAGS
Lake Corpus Christi, Texas
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Ranch Main Number  361-683-9744
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My name is Laney Sloan and I am the owner of Lonesome Bull Ranch. I would like to make a statement regarding a recent incident at the ranch involving Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Deer Breeder that was leasing the deer pens located on the ranch property.

The deer pens were being leased to a licensed Deer Breeder that was not associated with the ranch in any way, nor with any of our ranch personnel. They had their own employees and took care of their own day to day operations at the breeder facility without our involvement (much like a mall that merely leases a space to a retail store).

On December 23, 2013, TPWD came to the ranch and began an investigation into some violations pertaining to the deer breeding facility. They claim the Deer Breeder was not up to code on certain regulations and was therefore shut down.

TPWD has very strict regulations regarding CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) testing and deer identification, among other things . TPWD often uses the Chronic Wasting Disease scare-tactic as a means to shut down deer breeder facilities, when in fact there has never been one whitetail deer test positive for CWD in the entire State of Texas.

On May 7, dozens of TPWD Game Wardens showed up at the ranch like a swat team, and shot and killed hundreds of breeder deer inside the leased deer pens, and on my ranch land, due to some deer escaping from the pens. They used a helicopter to chase deer out of the thick brush and into the open to shoot them. This also caused many deaths and injuries to our exotic animals that ran from the helicopters into fences and cattle guards. The Game Wardens were also shooting tame bottle-fed deer very near to the Ranch House, where my cousin, Fred Rich lives with his children.

As expected, not one deer of the hundreds killed tested positive for CWD.

Fred Rich is also my Ranch Manager, and we are in no way connected to the Deer Breeder that was leasing the pens at the ranch. However, on the same day, Mr. Rich was charged with a completely unrelated TPWD violation that we expect to be cleared up very soon.

Because of the damage caused by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Deer Breeder, we will not be having whitetail hunts in the 2014-2015 season, in order to replenish the herd and improve our stock.

Our beautiful 2600 acre ranch overlooking Lake Corpus Christi still has many quality large trophy exotics, amazing South Texas dove hunting, fantastic meat hunting options, and over 40 species of exotics and wildlife, with hunting lodges available that can accommodate any size group.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this statement. Please give us a call anytime with any questions about our hunts.

For legal reasons, I cannot give further details or reply to questions about this situation.