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Lonesome Bull Ranch Reviews
See real comments and reviews from our customers (good and bad)... Not convinced yet? Give us a call and we will connect you with some of our past customers!

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Lake Corpus Christi, Texas
"Best damn hunt I have ever been on! Norris was a great guide and I will be back. I came to this hunt not knowing exactly what to expect as I have never been on a guided hunt before and have heard and read horror stories about these kinds of hunts. The previous statement COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG, I went to shoot a female elk and got much more. I had Norris for a guide, who upon my arrival ... see full review

Joe McMurtrey, Big Spring TX
November 2013

"I had a lot of fun. The guides were very nice & funny. They also taught me how to skin my first deer. And I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun too."

Aidan Ganchan, Houston TX
November 2013

"Brought my entire family (kids 9,7,4) and my wife for her first hunting trip. Nice accommodations. Our guide provided a great environment for my son to shoot his first deer while the whole family witnessed. Most of the staff we met (Fred, Dee & Frank) were great. Shot several other high fenced ranches across Texas with mixed opportunities. This ranch is on our 'to visit list' for next year! Highly recommended for families with small kids. On a negative note, didn't like how the other guide left Dee with 2 hunting groups-that was tacky."

Michael Ganchan, Houston TX
November 2013

"Shot this Gold Medal Addax with my bow at under 40 yards, and there were over 100 to choose from. Our group shot 3 Addax and all were Gold Medal and in great health."

Randy Harrell, Corpus Christi TX
November 2013

"Excellent trip, professional guide & accommodations. My 9 year old son got his first kill on a 400 lb. red stag (doe). Will definitely come again."

Adam S. Thompson, Bayview TX
November 2013

"I had a great time, saw a ton of animals and got everything I came for. Shot an Addax, Fallow, and a double curl ram, all with my bow."

David Pena, Corpus Christi TX
November 2013

"Great time!! Lots of fun. Shot this 37" Oryx. There were over 150, with some females over 46"."

Vince Haigood, Corpus Christi TX
November 2013

"Great time at the ranch. Guide was very helpful on putting us on some good choice animals. There were so many Addax that the hardest part was not getting 2 in 1 shot! Good place to go hunting for everyone."

Adrian Buentello, Alice TX
November 2013

"Thanks for a great experience! The Capitol team had a great time and harvested some trophy animals. Norris and his guide team were helpful and patient on some of our novice hunters. Cheers, The Capitol Team"

Russell Patterson, Austin TX
November 2013

"Great experience - Excellent Guide, knowledgeable, allowed for a non-pressured, patient hunt"

Paul Paynter, San Antonio TX
November 2013

"Great time, I shot a  whitetail and a fallow with Preston, my guide. We hunted next to a big pond in a new blind."-EP "Went for a whitetail but saw this fallow and had to have it. There are many fallow on this ranch"-JW

Ethan Pavrie & Jocelyn Walston, Hemphill TX
November 2013

"Lots of animals, stands were great FUN TIME"

Stuart Franklin, Cypress TX
November 2013

"Great personal relationships and camaraderie. Lots of effort to please us. Look forward to returning and very pleased. Its always easy to critique and less common to show gratification these days. I'm very happy with the service & staff at Lonesome Bull."

Chris Schlitt, Vero Beach FL
November 2013

"Great time, had fun. Need more water pressure in the kitchen and more kitchen stuff"

Damon DiBassie, Magnolia TX
November 2013

note from LBR staff: Thanks Damon, we took care of it!

"I enjoyed the hunt. It was a great time. The staff was truly great. My guide Roger was a great Guide. Only problem was having waters, drinks and food set up better. Overall the trip was everything I expected it to be. Thank you again."

Troy G Harp, Vero Beach FL
November 2013

note from LBR staff: Thanks Troy! sorry about the catering but we have spoken to them

"Excellent experience, great guide, good food. Coffee pot needs replaced and restocked with sugar, etc. Good Time, Thanks!"

Chris Reeves, Spring TX
November 2013

note from LBR staff: Thanks Chris, its been taken care of!

"I've been coming here for three years and every time I come it is a great experience. The people here are very nice and helpful. I would recommend this place to anybody. What an awesome place to hunt."

David Bradley, Kyle TX
November 2013

"The ranch was great. Lots of high class animals giving you great bang for your buck. Guides were great and knew the animals well and how to hunt them."

Joey Sullivan, Manhattan Kansas
November 2013

"Awesome animals, good quality, excellent guides. I will be back"

Paul Odell, Wamego Kansas
November 2013

"Had a great time. Lots of animals. Great arrangements, sleeping quarters. It is amazing the size and quality of deer on this place"

Ronnie Bunch, Houston Texas
November 2013

"I brought my daughter, son, and girlfriend here and we all shot something. We came on a $2950 hunt (up to 150 B&C) and I got a NICE 150" whitetail. My girlfriend shot a nice whitetail, my daughter and son each shot a fallow. We had the entire lodge to ourselves and we saw zebras, oryx, buffalo, elk, nyala, sitatunga, red deer, wildebeest, and many more. Fred and Norris were great hosts and made us feel at home."

Lance Walston, Hemphill Texas
October 2013

"Fantastic Time! Guides are very knowledgeable of animals and where they are at. Entire staff is very courteous, friendly and hospitable. I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends."

David Lehman, Houston, TX
​October 2013

"Came to hunt several 150 class whitetails. Fred worked with us and we upgraded for 2 wonderful deer of a lifetime. All of our guests had a great time. This is our 3rd year and not our last."

L.V. Reyes, Baytown Texas
October 2013

"Saw a number of good shooter bucks. The ranch is a great place to take friends and customers. I will definitely come back"

Roger Strickland, Robstown Texas
October 2013

"I shot this whitetail buck on the Lonesome Bull Ranch during the rut. There were 15-20 deer at the feeder I hunted at. Have no complaints on the quality of animals or service we received."

Todd M.  
Jan 2013

​"I hunt Lonesome Bull Ranch every year with family and clients, and always kill many quality animals. Here is a 39" gemsbok from a late 2012 hunt."

Robbie W. 
Jan 2013

​"We took this buffalo on a meat hunt for a very reasonable price. Filled my freezer and then some. We were treated very well. There are thousands of animals all over the ranch and it felt like we were on an African Safari. I have heard of a couple people who are writing bad reviews all over the web, and I'm sure the ranch can't please everyone, but we had a great time and will be back!"

Russell P. 
Nov 2012

"I shot this whitetail on Lonesome Bull Ranch next to the big lake in the middle of the ranch. This ranch is full of huge quality whitetails, and if your looking for a huge trophy, this is the place to go."

Robbie W.  
Oct 2012

​"This giant trophy watusi was taken off the Lonesome Bull Ranch, and guided by the boys at Helluva Hunt. Great ranch with top quality animals!"


​"We hunt on the Lonesome Bull Ranch every year, and the deer just keep getting bigger. Can't wait till next season. Fred, the Ranch Manager, and Marc, the Hunting Guide, have always been good to us"

Ben L. 
Dec 2012

​"Here is another deer I took this season that was about 30" wide. I just love this ranch. There are 2600 acres full of thousands of animals. I would hate to pay the feed bill!"

Ben L. 
Dec 2012

"I finally got to take an animal at the Lonesome Bull Ranch. Just wanted to show y'all the quality of animals they have here!"

Tracy C.
July 2012

"I take a large group to Lonesome Bull Ranch every year, and we hunt everything from whitetails, to exotics, to meat hunts and have never had a problem with this ranch. I have read some bad reviews written on some hunting forums and know that not every hunt can go well, but I think some inexperienced hunters go in with high expectations, and do not put in the effort for a hunt and expect to take home a trophy. We have a great time at the ranch and always cook for the guides and the ranch manager and his family. We have hunted along side of hunters from all over the world at Lonesome Bull Ranch, and there was never a problem when I've been there. I think some of the people posting bad reviews are just jealous, or the outfitters that have been run out of the ranch. Please use my full name."

Dell Boothe
July 2012

"I shot this Gemsbok on the Lonesome Bull Ranch while riding on the Critter Gitter. We had a large corporate hunting group from Dos XX and everyone had a great time. The guides and ranch staff were very helpful and friendly."

Butch K. 
Nov 2012

"My name is Craig Sparks and I shot this buck at the Lonesome Bull Ranch. It is the biggest deer I have ever harvested. There was many to choose from. If you put in some time and effort, and don't go cheap, you will harvest a great deer. Best regards to all of the LBR staff."

Craig S. 
Dec 2012
"The hunting experience at Lonesome Bull Ranch is second to none. The accommodations were clean with all of the comforts of home. My guide Norris is extremely knowledgeable, patient and explained our game plan in detail to me. I took a 162" whitetail, my largest buck...see more 

Luciano Rodriguez, Huntsville Texas
October 2013
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