Updated 4/25/14
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Lake Corpus Christi, Texas
Hunting Price List

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Cull Hunts
Trophy Whitetails, up to 149 B&C
Trophy Whitetails, 150-159 B&C
Trophy Whitetails, 160-169 B&C
Presidential Hunt, 170-179 B&C
Platinum Hunt,180-189 B&C
Elite Hunt, 190-199 B&C

200 B&C and up by Quote - many available!
The above whitetail hunts include lodging, a guide, and a FREE hog, turkey, or javelina. Certain deer have been priced for the uniqueness of their horn, mass, exceptional width, number of points, or are unusual in some way that have a fixed price which doesn't follow the price scoring listed above.
by Quote - many available!
$4950 +$100 per inch above 160
$5950 +$150 per inch above 170
$7450 +$150 per inch above 180
$8950 +$100 per inch above 190
Dove Hunts/Turkey Hunts (semi guided)
Dove Day Hunt (includes morning & evening hunt) 
Dove Hunt with lodging
Turkey Day Hunt
Turkey Hunt Pkg (2 turkeys/2 nights lodging)

Lodging (non-hunters must accompany a hunter)
Airport Pickup (from C.C. airport, up to 3 people)
Critter Gitter Rental with Driver
Observer Fee

Testimonials - real reviews from our real customers
$65 - $90 
$90 - $125 
4-Horn Sheep
Addax, Male or Female
Aoudad, Pick of the Ranch
Aoudad, Female
Axis (pick of the ranch)
Barasingha, Biggest on the Ranch
Black Hawaiian Rams (Huge)
Blue Wildebeest
Buffalo (Bison)
Catalina Goat
Elk Bull
Elk Cow
Fallow Buck, Pick of the Ranch
Fallow Buck, Trophy
Gemsbok, Male or Female
Lechwe Antelope
Mouflon Rams (Huge)
Nilgai Pick of the Ranch
Corsican Sheep
Pere David Bull
Pere David, Female
Rambo Sheep 
Red Stag
Scimitar Horned Oryx, up to 24" *
Scimitar Horned Oryx, 24" to 27" *
Scimitar Horned Oryx, 28" to 34" *
Scimitar Horned Oryx, 35" to 39" *
Scimitar Horned Oryx, over 40" *
Scimitar Horned Oryx, pregnant  
Sika Buck
Texas Dall Sheep
Water Buffalo Bull
Waterbuck Trophy
Waterbuck Doe
Watusi, Trophy (these are Monsters)
Yak, Trophy
Exotic Hunts listed above include lodging and  guide fees except female aoudad and catalina goats.
*Scimitar Horned Oryx will be determined by length of longest horn

$ 950 - $1875
$  895
$2950 - $4500
$  995 
$3950(not breeders)
$2950- $3950
per quote
add $1000 to price
$675 lodging not included 
Current Package Deals & Specials
Book a Hunt
Buffalo (Bison) Hunt $2950
-1 Large Female Bison or 3-year old Male Bison (ranch choice)
-1 Night Lodging
100 % guaranteed opportunity
Meat Hunt "PICK" your package: $1145
-1  Red Deer Hind, or
-1 Aoudad female or small male, or 
-1 Axis Doe , or
-1 Ramble Ram, or
-1 Fallow Doe 
This purchase is a one day hunt and includes the guide fee.

2 Aoudads (for 2 Hunters): $1595
-2 Aoudads (female or ranch choice of young male)
Great Father/Son Hunt - or any 2 Hunters!                                  this is a 1 day hunt lodging is not included

Fill your Freezer: $1595
1 Pere David doe  or
1 Axis doe and 1 Black buck doe
This package does not include lodging 
This a guaranteed opportunity hunt.   

Bulk Dove Hunt Package Deal (Save $650): $2950
-10 weekend passes with lodging included (1 day/1 night)
-20 weekday passes with lodging included (1 day/1 night)
-10 day passes
South Texas has the best dove hunting in the country! Great gift idea, pass these out like gift certificates to customers, employees, or any bird hunters you know.

Meat Hunt Package: $2950
Take Your Pick for $2950
Whitetail, up to 149 B&C
-Aoudad, Trophy
-Axis, Trophy
-Barasingha, Trophy
-Huge Bison Female 
-Bull Elk, Trophy
-Fallow Buck,Trophy 
-Red Stag, Trophy
-Scimitar Horned Oryx, up to 34"
19-Animal Group Hunt Package $4650
-2 Aoudad females, or (1) 3-yr old male
-2 Fallow does
-2 Sika does
-1 Red Deer Hine/Rambula Sheep Trophy   
-4 Javelinas
-4 Hogs
-4 Turkeys (in season)
-2 Nights Lodging for up to 4 Hunters and 3 Observers
This is a 2-day, 2-night Hunt that includes free catch and release fishing in our stocked ponds, 2 Hunting Guides, and the entire lodge reserved for your group. This price is for the entire group (not per person)!

21-Animal Big Game Meat Hunt Package $5900
-1 Blackbuck male up to 14"; or 2 Aoudad females
-2 Aoudad females; or 1 Aoudad male 3-yr old
-3 Sika does
-1 Red Deer Hine/Rambula Sheep Trophy
-2 Fallow does
-4 Turkeys (in season)
-4 Javelinas
-4 Hogs                  
-Lodging Included for up to 6 Hunters and 3 Observers
This all-weekend hunt includes free bobcat and coyote hunting, and catch and release fishing in our stocked ponds, 2 Hunting Guides, and the entire lodge reserved for your group.
(the 3 sika does may be traded for 1 female aoudad)

We can custom build a group hunt package to fit all of your hunters' needs!​

No additional discounts will be taken off the Package Deals and Specials. These special prices apply to select animals that must be approved by the Ranch Manager prior to hunting. Group Discounts do not apply to these already discounted prices. 

Some of our Hunt Packages include a Turkey, Hog, Javelina, and/or Sika for free if time permits. They have no monetary or trade value. Our main goal is your Trophy.

A $495 Daily Rate will be applied to any Hunter that requires more than the allotted hunt time, such as a minor or bowhunter (if needed). A Guide Fee of $495 will be applied to Meat Hunts listed on price list.

We have a handful of breeder animals on our ranch that is NOT for sale but could possibly be able to be priced at a higher rate due to antler size.

Any animal shot at, that appeared shot and never found will be treated as a kill and paid for by Hunter at Guide's discretion.

Axis Doe 
Blackbuck Doe 
Fallow Doe 
Sika Doe (none available at this time)
Trophy Boar 

Meat Hunts listed above do not include lodging or guide fee
$  69 each/per night
$850 per day

Lodging - Other
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Ranch Main Number  361-683-9744
if no answer call  361-547-3840
Ranch Manager 361-920-0881
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